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Finding Roots

I'm not gonna lie the idea of merging my websites is something that I have done to many times. over the years I've run many websites such as NeckerUnrivaled, HunterMastery, XfireSystems, BansheeForce and a host of other little projects all in the end become Majin Planet again in some form. I made … [Read More...]


Upcoming Content

Hello everyone, welcome back to Majin Planet, I'm glad you could take the time to come by and check things out today. I wanted to give a quick update on some future plans for content. I'm going to be seeking out and doing some hopefully live updates with past people from Majin Planet's history, I … [Read More...]


Welcome 2015, the new Era of Evil!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2015, holy crap has it been a very long time since the last time I've posted here. I'm sure most of you simply come by checking on the site, remembering the good old days right? Well those days are long gone, as for one the era of making music videos for Majin Planet has … [Read More...]


New Years Plans, All must End

With the ten years of World of Warcraft I've found that in terms of what I enjoy doing has changed, like everything people change, things move on and we grow as people. For those of you who do Christmas I hope you got everything you wanted, I myself got a 60 day pre-paid time card which is awesome … [Read More...]

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Free Hearhtstone Pack Giveaway

Today was Black Friday and I decided to go ahead and finally get Diablo 3 Reapers of Souls for $15 bucks at Walmart. I haven't installed yet as of this writing but I plan to do … [Read More...]


Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

I have some great news today off what I normally post. If you're following me on Twitter, last night you'd be aware that I posted about getting another Hearthstone beta key. Now I … [Read More...]


The Truth Will Set You Free

Today's post was going to be about something I'm not very proud of, in fact so much so that I've down right deleted it and replace it with this post. Some of you, some of my … [Read More...]


The Secret to Success

Today's post is a short one, I want to let everyone know that chances of me playing in the next two or three weeks will likely not happen. As a result I won't have access to the … [Read More...]

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Molten Deck Warlock vs Hunter

So for Christmas, I got 40 packs of cards of my choice, I decided because I didn't have many more rare cards of classic that I'd buy those. In the middle of opening packs I pulled … [Read More...]