Transformers Trailer


This is overdue, and while lots of people have talk about it already, I want to share my own thoughts about the new Transformers Age of Extinction. To be honest with you I'm not looking forward to it, I loved the first [amazon text=Transformers &chan=default&asin=B0055PK7SK] and [amazon … [Read more...]

Good Burger


Down right one of those films that are so down right silly you can't help but laugh. Honestly I can't give Good Burger a bad review let alone say anything negatively because its a kids movie. Base off the comedy section from All That, a show like SNL that aired on Nick back in the mid … [Read more...]

A Haunting at Silver Falls


One of those horror films that isn't and was for some reason seen as one because there is a dead person in the film. In the case of Silver Falls two, two girls who before the film were killed. It takes the film almost 40 minutes before it gets going into what the film really is and that's a mystery … [Read more...]

Horror Film Fun


So I've been watching a load of horror films this last weekend. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything and I'm sorry for that. I've been super busy looking for a job as well as other things. Anyways I was going to post this on Monday but end up forgetting to finish the post so here I am … [Read more...]

Warcraft Movie at BlizzCon


It's official now, the Warcraft Movie is coming, announce at BlizzCon, we didn't get a trailer or casting but what we did get was the idea of the story and some art of what the world is going to look like. Below are some pictures which I got from IGN, so they are watermarked. I wasn't able to get my … [Read more...]

Now You See Me (2013)


I'm gonna be hard to really talk about this one simply because it was really hard to understand what get what the films was even about until the very end of the film. As time went on and I had more and more time to really think about what I've seen I came to the idea that, Now You See Me is a really … [Read more...]

Dredd (2012)


I'll be the first to tell you that I was so wrong about this film, honestly the original Judge Dredd starting Sylvester Stallone was a good action film and honestly I hadn't even hear of Dredd until then. To its credit, I thank the Sylvester Stallone version for bring the character to light for me. … [Read more...]