Hunter Mastery was a nonprofit organization that’s sole ideal and goal is to create content for players of Blizzard Games.

Hunter Mastery was originally a World of Warcraft website that focused on the hunter class and gold making. Originally the goal was to create amazing content from a point of view of the hunter class. While the goals of Hunter Mastery shall never change, we’ve enter a new age for Hunter Mastery!

The website was successful within the first year. Sadly due to personal life changes my time playing became limited and I was forced to take a number of breaks resulting in missing out on the Mist of Pandaria expansion of World of Warcraft. In the months that followed, my failed returns resulted in officially retiring from the game in April 2014. You can read the retirement post here. As of October 2014, and all its content was moved and merged to Has of March 2015 Hunter Mastery was sold to Majin Planet Inc, including all content, rights and media created, used or other wise owned by Hunter Mastery.

I’m sure many of you who followed here from Hunter Mastery, Twitter or even Facebook you likely have questions. Below is a short FAQ Guide to help you understand what this means for Hunter Mastery brand name and the future.

Best Hunter Mastery’s Posts

Over the years from Focushot to Hunter Mastery there has been a number of amazing posts written, many of which can still be found right here on Majin Planet. Be sure to check out the Archives for all the latest and best articles. Below are some of popular ones.


All Blizzard Games

Yes I’ll be covering every blizzard game starting from my first passion, Warcraft. My goal is to cover them in terms of enjoyment. As of right now I’m not playing StarCraft and limited play of Diablo III. With the launch of Warlords, my focus has moved back to WoW with Hearthstone being my following game of choice.

As for other Blizzard Games such as Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft 3 and the now coming Overwatch, I’m not sure. I do want to do a full play-through of Warcraft 3 for the YouTube Channel, Heroes of the Storm is something I’ll play here and there. Being that Overwatch is going to be a FFS I’m not sure because I’m not a fan of that play style.

Find Hunter Mastery on YouTube

youtube-logoI know many people might be a bit confused or sad that there is no longer a direct HunterMastery website. I found that I was spending less and less time writing content for it. As such the things I plan on doing, writing content will be more focused on what I’m doing now on Majin Planet, my oldest website. You can find out more about that on Majin Planet Forever article. Be sure to check out Majin Planet for more content by me. I want to thank everyone who linked to Hunter Master over the last 4 years, those who subscribed, shared and followed me. Hunter Master on twitter will still exist, all other forms of social media will go dark. For more active updates be sure to follow me on Twitter at @MajinPlanet.

Once again I can’t thank everyone enough, all my content from Hunter Master can be found within the Majin Planet website under Gaming, broken down by Game. There will be more updates on Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo 3 and maybe StarCraft. There wont be much Warcraft content coming. I plan on doing much more gaming content and other content in the next year that is planned. Until next time, thanks for being apart of Hunter Mastery and I’ll see you on the darkside.