Looking for Writers


It's not shock that Majin Planet has grown to a new level of awesomeness. That being said, the subject of content I'm writing, anime, movies, gaming and more I find that many subjects I'd like to cover end up getting lose due to so much time focus on one or more things. Right now I've been really … [Read more...]

Finding Roots


I'm not gonna lie the idea of merging my websites is something that I have done to many times. over the years I've run many websites such as NeckerUnrivaled, HunterMastery, XfireSystems, BansheeForce and a host of other little projects all in the end become Majin Planet again in some form. I made … [Read more...]

Upcoming Content


Hello everyone, welcome back to Majin Planet, I'm glad you could take the time to come by and check things out today. I wanted to give a quick update on some future plans for content. I'm going to be seeking out and doing some hopefully live updates with past people from Majin Planet's history, I … [Read more...]

New Years Plans, All must End


With the ten years of World of Warcraft I've found that in terms of what I enjoy doing has changed, like everything people change, things move on and we grow as people. For those of you who do Christmas I hope you got everything you wanted, I myself got a 60 day pre-paid time card which is awesome … [Read more...]

Blogging Future


Hello everyone, it's been a odd month really for me when it comes to posting new content on the blog. Much as changed, I've been playing mostly Heroes of the Storm, which I'm loving and Hearthstone. As of this writing I'm rank 19 which for me I think it pretty cool. I've been working more on those … [Read more...]