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Finding Roots

I'm not gonna lie the idea of merging my websites is something that I have done to many times. over the years I've run many websites such as NeckerUnrivaled, HunterMastery, XfireSystems, BansheeForce and a host of other little projects all in the end become Majin Planet again in some form. I made … [Read More...]


Rogue Arena Stats – Hearthtracker

Hey everyone, Richard here with a quick little update. I've been playing more and more hearthstone and less World of Warcraft. In fact I do believe that my game time expires in about 50 hours from the time of this writing. Today I'm going to share with you some small stats as well as a pretty cool … [Read More...]


Upcoming Content

Hello everyone, welcome back to Majin Planet, I'm glad you could take the time to come by and check things out today. I wanted to give a quick update on some future plans for content. I'm going to be seeking out and doing some hopefully live updates with past people from Majin Planet's history, I … [Read More...]


Welcome 2015, the new Era of Evil!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2015, holy crap has it been a very long time since the last time I've posted here. I'm sure most of you simply come by checking on the site, remembering the good old days right? Well those days are long gone, as for one the era of making music videos for Majin Planet has … [Read More...]

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Mistaken Heroics

So there isn't much, or for that matter any, back story to this video. I was sitting at home on a Friday night, bored, going threw various songs I have and I came across this one. … [Read More...]


DBZ Mystic Force

This music video of sorts is a spoof that I created by in 2006. Using the song Power Rangers Mystic Force, I cut a series of clips together to match that of the song, showcasing … [Read More...]

Majin Vegeta


Basic story behind the video is as follows. A woman is in love with two completely different men, both men have done things to harm the other and both want the woman, the woman is … [Read More...]

Majin Vegeta

Konoha Shinobi

Not really a video made for the point of making some kind of great outstanding video that'll get ya thinking. Just made for the point of making it. Sakura Con is coming up and I … [Read More...]

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TMNT (2014) Movie Trailer

I have to say I'm not really shocked to see the TMNT trailer out before the 4th. That was the rumor I heard it was going to come out with Captain America the Winter Soldier. Today … [Read More...]


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I've written a review about the original [amazon text=Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)&chan=default&asin=B002M3P300] and to be honest with you, it was pretty amazing. I really … [Read More...]

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Molten Deck Warlock vs Hunter

So for Christmas, I got 40 packs of cards of my choice, I decided because I didn't have many more rare cards of classic that I'd buy those. In the middle of opening packs I pulled … [Read More...]